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Stuur ons, Here!

Jesaja 6:8 'Toe het ek die Here hoor vra: "Wie kan Ek met 'n boodskap na my volk toe stuur? Wie sal vir Ons gaan?" Ek het geantwoord: "Here, ek sal gaan! Stuur my!"' Sal jy jou hart oopmaak en die Boodskap van Christus saam met ons versprei? Staan saam met ons en proklameer: "Stuur ons, Here!" Rekeningnaam: RadiokanselBank: ABSA BankTak: 632005Rekeningno: 9159472606Verwysingsnr: U selfoonnommer (Hierdie is asseblief noodsaaklik sodat ons u kan bedank en die donasie korrek kan allokeer.) Skenk nou aanlyn {youtube}-pgataxc2eU{/youtube}

Laai nou die nuwe 'app' af

Radiokansel, Radio Kaapse Kansel en die I AM Jeug beweging het nou elkeen hul eie toepassing! Om die nuwe toep (app) af te laai, besoek die 'store' op jou foon, soek vir "Radiokansel" en laai die toep af met ons logo. Vir Radio Kaapse Kansel se toep, soek net vir "Radio Cape Pulpit" en laai die toep af met die logo. Vir die I AM Jeugbeweging toep, soek net vir "I AM Youth", en laai die toep af met die I AM logo.

Run & Walk 4 Bibles - 23 June

Run and Walk for a good cause with Radio Pulpit 657 AM on the 23rd of June 2018 07:00 am at Lewende Woord Centurion in an effort to raise 4000 bibles for children and adults that do not own their own Bible. To find more details about the race please visit the race Facebook page @ Riana van Niekerk Run and Walk 4 Bibles.

Digitale Radio in Suidelike Afrika

MEDIA RELEASE - 2017 DRM Enterprise Awar…

Radio Pulpit 657AM (member of the Pulpit Media Group) is pleased to announce that the Station and its digital radio development partner, Broadcom International, have jointly received the 2017 DRM Enterprise Award (Africa) for their contribution in actively promoting the DRM standard in Southern Africa. This was announced by the DRM Consortium at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 15th September 2017. Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) is the universal, openly standardised digital broadcast system for all broadcasting frequencies. The...

Why digital radio?

Just when you have tuned in to your favourite program on 657AM and you really do not want to miss the special guest's reply, you pass the bright yellow car on your left, while aiming for the lane on the right. In front of you the next bridge across the road towers from side to side. And then it happens...  all you hear is a disturbing GGGGG...  The sound becomes clear again, in time to hear the familiar jingle play...

Why look forward to DRM?

With Radio Pulpit's 25kW Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) transmitter your listening experience will be enhanced through: Crystal clear audio quality with stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Now you can show the kids how it is done!    A wider choice - Up to four programs can be transmitted on one frequency, making multilingual programs possible. At first programs will be simulcast in analogue and digital so that everyone has a change to migrate over to digital radio at their own convenience; A robust signal...

ACM   NAB  Unashamedly Ethical

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