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Bursaries to students - Information

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The Pulpit Media Group, including Radio Pulpit and Radio Cape Pulpit, have a passion for the youth. These Stations invest in youth programs and we provide a real and relative moral alternative to the youth with which they can identify. We, together with the television programme "Be Your Dream", which is broadcasted on DSTV, have decided to give bursaries to students with potential, who need financial assistance, so that we can make a tangible difference in their lives.

We are proud to give bursaries to Kagiso Mabitse and Lerato Nene who are both studying Sound Engineering, and to Lene Steyn who is studying Humanities.

George Hattingh, who is the Marketing and Communications Director at the Academy of Sound Engineering, was approached by Pulpit Media Group to identify two students to receive bursaries. He looked at students who struggled financially, but was still doing well academically, despite their circumstances. Out of the shortlist he identified Kagiso Mabitse and Lerato Nene to receive the bursaries. God worked in his heart so that he also decided to match the financial contribution of Pulpit Media Group, in effect doubling the bursary!

Kagiso Mabitse was always passionate about music, especially the technical sound of music. When he heard about the Academy of Sound Engineering, he knew that is exactly what he wanted to do. When he heard about the bursary, he thought it was too good to be true, but when the news sunk in, words could not describe the excitement and joy that he felt.

Lerato Nene is a third-year student at the Academy of Sound Engineering who is passionate about the entertainment industry and wants to work in the live sound industry. Her parents encouraged her to follow her dreams. She was quite shocked when she heard Pulpit Media Group would be giving her a bursary. She says that when her friends heard about the bursary, it gave them hope because they saw that her prayers had been answered. She hopes to use her gift that she has been blessed with to also work with young people and mentor them, so that she can give something back to the community.

We wish to help equip the leaders of tomorrow so that they can achieve their dreams and hopefully also invest in other people in future.

That is also why we have started our own youth project - The I AM Youth Movement, which includes a web radio station, youth counselling via WhatsApp, contact via Facebook and the word4u2day daily devotionals, written for the youth, by the youth. We also reach more than 200 000 teenagers a year through school visits. We believe that these efforts will produce good fruit and lead to strong and stable, morally sound adults. By investing in the youth, we are also investing in our country.

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