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"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Mark Twain

Radio Pulpit has been involved with eDeaf and sponsoring learners for the past 7 years. Radio Pulpit is currently sponsoring 2 deaf learners to be trained on ABET, reading and writing at eDeaf.  eDeaf has been empowering Deaf communities since 2007.  Their highly effective training courses and learner ship has been widely received by Deaf people from all walks of life.  Radio Pulpit are also paying the learners a salary every month.

Radio Pulpit spoke to Coreen Langeveld, one of the learners, and Nazreen Bhana, the CEO of eDeaf.

Coreen was born deaf and she and her husband are both deaf. Both of their children can hear and Coreen says they are already quite proficient in sign language. Coreen spoke of her challenges in communicating. She says that because her extended family does not know sign language, she often sits alone, quiet, reserved and disconnected in their company, because it is a struggle to communicate with them. The sponsorship from Radio Pulpit has opened a lot of doors for her, because she now has hope of entering the job market when she completes her training at eDeaf. She does not yet know what kind of job she wants, but she is hopeful and excited about completing her training and making a live for herself in ‘n world where the deaf is often marginalised.

Nazreen Bhana, the CEO of eDeaf, also spoke about their journey the past 10 years since eDeaf started. They have had many success stories, notably one of their students who are now a trainee manager in the Shoprite Retail Group. Some of their other students are now managers and supervisors at an IT company. The main challenge that eDeaf faces is recruiting companies that are willing to employ their learners. With the help of sponsorships such as Radio Pulpit's, they prepare deaf people from all walks of life by providing them with skills to be able to be employed and be empowered.

Coreen Langeveld

Nazreen Bhana

Wynand Rossouw, Coreen Langeveld & Nazreen Bhana

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