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The Potato Foundation - Inligting

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packingRadio Pulpit spoke to Esmarie Robbertse, the managing director of The Potato Foundation. Radio Pulpit is involved with two of The Potato Foundation's projects - a food parcel that is given out to needy families in December, and their school bag projects that supplies Grade R learners with a school bag with necessary stationery so that the learners can enter primary school with confidence.

The food parcels, named Food from Heaven - the Perfect Gift, are given out to families in December. Radio Pulpit was involved by sponsoring these food parcels and some of the staff members of Radio Pulpit also helped to pack and distribute them. These balanced food parcels, with enough groceries for a month and a half, are given to the poorest of poor families, specifically in December when the schools and businesses close. A lot of the children and adults that benefit from these parcels are reliant on feeding schemes, which generally also close during the December holidays. Often the food that the children receive at their school's feeding scheme, is the only food they have for the day. These food parcels ensure that the families do not starve during the Christmas holidays, which is supposed to be a time of blessing and rest.

Last year the Potato Foundation was in dire need of more parcels to help all the beneficiaries that needed their help. Just as they were on the verge of turning some people away, they received word from Radio Pulpit about the sponsorship - which were exactly enough to feed all the families that were in need! It was a true Christmas miracle. Not only did Radio Pulpit donate the funding for these food parcels, they also helped to pack and distribute them, showing that they are also not afraid to dig in and be the hands and feed of caring for the poor and spreading God's Word.

The school bag project, called Blessing in a Bag, came into being when Esmarie noticed a small boy at a nursery with a plastic grocery bag in his hands. Thinking it was a bag of groceries, she enquired about it, only to be told that it was his school bag. This touched her heart and she decided that every child needs a new school bag, with the necessary stationery, so that they can start their school career with confidence. Not only do these children receive these bags, but The Potato Foundation also asks the people who sponsor the bags, like Radio Pulpit, to pray a blessing over the child that receives it so that they will make a success of their education, as education is so important when addressing the poverty rate in our communities.



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