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POPUP AET Learners' Sponsorship - Inligting

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PopupRadio Pulpit sponsored skills development of eleven (11) unemployed female South African learners for Adult Education and Training (AET), through POPUP.
The AET training is the foundation training for all learners that do not meet the minimum requirements and to ensure they are ready for any Skills Programme.  In addition, learners that already qualify to do a Skills Programme may also utilise the AET programme to improve their English and Mathematics while waiting for placement in another Skills Programme. We speak to two of these learners:

Boitumelo Mohatle
Boitumelo Mohatle did not complete her secondary schooling and became a housewife who looked after her children. She soon became depressed because she did not see many people and was not satisfied with her life. She did not want to get out of bed in the mornings. Even when she went to see her friends, she did not feel that she had anything in common with them and she did not enjoy the interaction. She felt very lonely, isolated and rejected.

When one of her friends told her about POPUP, she decided to enrol in the Adult Education and Training (AET) programme that Radio Pulpit sponsors. She was very scared and nervous about studying again because it had been some time since she had been at school. With the programme, she improved her English writing and speaking skills, as well as her mathematical skills. She is now confident to speak English and use these skills to further her education.

Boitumelo wants to train as an early childhood development teacher, where she hopes that she can pass these skills that she has learned on to young children. The sponsorship from Radio Pulpit has given her the opportunity to take a step in the right direction to fulfil her dreams. She is now full of hope for her future, she loves her life and she has overcome her depression.

Dimpho Ndlovu
Dimpho Ndlovu came to POPUP after she completed her matric certificate. Her future looked bleak after matric, because there was no way that she could afford to go to university or get any other sort of training. She felt hopeless and did not have any dreams for her future. She found it very difficult to look other people in the eye as she felt totally worthless.

She then heard about POPUP where she enrolled in the Adult Education and Training (AET) programme that is sponsored by Radio Pulpit.

After completing the programme, Dimpho realised that she has lots of opportunities to better her life. She realised that God has a purpose for her life and she is going to do her best to fulfil this purpose.

With the skills that she has learned in the programme, Dimpho plans to enter the hospitality industry where she will cater for ceremonies and weddings in her community. She also plans to become a pharmacist, and open a library in her community where children can come study for free, so that they can also have the opportunities that she received with the sponsorship from Radio Pulpit. She can now dream without any restrictions and look forward to her future with excitement and high expectations. These days she looks other people square in the eye and she feels that she has a purpose and direction for her life. She now knows who she is and what she wants out of life.

Boitumelo Mohatle

Dimpho Ndlovu

Gaan Na

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