Sales Representative Position - I AM

Summary of the job

The role of the Sales Representative is to sell advertisements (on various platforms) and obtain financial support for the Pulpit Media Group's youth initiative (by means of sponsorships and/or advertisements) to clients and in the process also promote the image of this initiative and the Group.

Minimum Requirements

To perform this job successfully, the incumbent must have the following knowledge, skill, and/or ability:

Qualification and Experience:

  • Matric
  • Relevant tertiary sales/marketing qualification will be advantageous
  • At least one year's previous experience in ad sales/sponsorships
  • Working experience in radio environment would be advantageous
  • Established network in the youth sector
  • Sound experience in conducting presentations to clients
  • Knowledge of various Christian youth ministries (especially in Gauteng and Cape Town)
  • Active awareness of youth related events (presented by Christian Youth Ministries)
  • Established network (to use for sponsorships/ads)

Computer literacy:

Good computer literacy (MS Office Package - Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Required skills and personal qualities

  • The ability to compile and present a business proposal to clients
  • Innovative
  • Communication (verbal & written) (including the ability to communicate to people on various levels and across cultural)
  • Tenacity
  • Results driven
  • Willing to work extended hours
  • Delivery orientated
  • Stress handling and coping capability
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Strong negotiation and networking skills
  • Selling skills
  • The ability to work with difficult people and to handle professional rejection
  • Valid driver's licence and own transport

Language proficiency:


Must be able and willing to work extended hours on occasions when required

Contract information:

  • IAM is regarded as a PMG Board Development project. This, the contract will be applicable for a fixed period (up until 30 June 2014).
  • Remuneration:
    • Fixed commission retainer (all costs included) + 25 % commission on sales
    • (no additional funding for telephone or travel cost)

Work environment:

The nature of this position requires a lot of travelling and working hours are not constricted to normal office hours. The person will work from his/her home with the attendance of specific meetings (as requested) and youth functions (projects).

Work outputs:

The core work outputs of this job are to ensure the following:

  • The recruitment of ad sales (on various platforms - radio, web, publication and projects) for IAM
  • To maintain communication with the client once the contract/agreement is opened and show an on-going interest (e.g. cards/letters/telephonic follow-up/personal visits)
  • Relationship building with youth ministries
  • Sales administration


The recruitment of ad sales (on various platforms - radio, web, e-devotionals, publication and projects) for IAM

Key Tasks:

  • Study competitors' products, market trends and client/listener demand
  • Contact clients and potential new clients
  • Generate client interest in IAM in order to result in funding/ads sales.
  • Identify and analyse an organisation's strengths and weaknesses, and respond to opportunities and threats in the marketing environment
  • Develop plans in relation to personal selling
  • Follow up leads by visiting clients regularly, often enough to maintain their interest but not too often to alienate them
  • Achieve or better contracted sales targets ( Target: R1.1 000 000)
  • Liaise closely with operational staff on all details of a new client information
  • Analyse statistics thereby identifying key sales areas, problems and success rate
  • Research prospective client details, finding out as much as possible about the client/company to ensure a professional approach
  • Constantly be aware of new business opportunities and action these
  • Constantly monitor and be aware of competitor activity
  • Predict future market trends and develop new sales ideas to attract more clients

To maintain communication with the client once the contract/agreement is opened and show an on-going interest (e.g. cards/letters/telephonic follow-up/personal visits)

Key Tasks:

  • Maintain communication with the client once the contract/agreement is opened and show an ongoing interest (e.g. cards/letters/telephonic follow-up/personal visits)
  • Answer client enquiries and sort out all client problems
  • Increase sales/orders
  • Inform client of new changes in programme schedule and/or other relevant organisational changes
  • Relationship building with clients
  • Representing the organisation at exhibitions, events and other youth related projects
  • Client visits

Relationship building with relevant other youth ministries

Key Tasks:

  • Identify and establish professional relationship with credible and active Christian Youth ministries
  • Continues contact with these ministries and build a strong relationship between this ministry and IAM (in order to cross promote IAM)
  • Create and maintain a database (with contact details) of various ministries


Key Tasks:

  • To complete a daily/weekly log of all activities
  • Keep sales records and required reports
  • Maintain administration with regards to client information
  • Ensure receipts and debit orders/sponsor information are correctly completed
  • Deposit cash received from clients and forward the relevant documentation the marketing secretary
  • Monitor own production report and sales progress
  • Attendance of the marketers' telephone conferences
  • Daily banking of funds
  • Assist with planning of events and projects
  • Arrange scheduling of ads and invoices (various platforms)


Ms A du Plessis. Applications can be forwarded to: on/before 3 October 2014. 

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