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2 Kings 4:8 NIV 
2017-11-30Written by Bob and Debby Gass
Persistent faith
When things start going wrong in our lives, what happens to our faith levels? Do we start losing hope and give up praying because the breakthrough isn't coming? Or do we expectantly and persistently keep the faith knowing that God will come through for us, even if it's not in the way we expect Him to? The Bible tells the story of a woman and her husband who welcomed the prophet Elisha into their home. In return for their hospitality, Elisha asked what they wanted - a son. And they had one. But when their son was taken ill and died, the woman faced a crucial decision. Would she lose hope and blame God for not providing a healthy child? Or would she keep the faith? This woman knew that Elisha was a man of God, and that God could raise her son back to life. Her faith was so strong that she even told her husband 'Don't ask questions; I need to go right now. Trust me' (1 Kings 4:23 MSG). God came through for her; her son was brought back to life. And He can do the same in our lives too. Where there are things in our lives which have died, maybe a dream, relationship or even our hope in God, He can bring them back to life. God's faithful and can breathe new life into us, and our situations. So when we're faced with our own crucial decision, when everything we've longed for is falling apart or we're facing the toughest situation we've ever had to face, what will we do? Will we lose hope or will we be like the woman who persistently trusted God for the breakthrough?
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