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Exodus 25:2 NIV 
2015-09-02Written by Bob and Debby Gass
Wilderness 6: Money Money Money
God's people are living in a desert (Yep it's been six days in a row. Feel for those guys then, they had 40 years of actually living it...). When Moses declares to the people that God has given him plans for a 'tent of meeting', so God can dwell amongst His people, you can imagine they'd be pretty up for it. Here's how we imagine the chat: 'And, folks, it's going to have loads of gold!' - 'Great Moses!'. 'And you're going to be providing that gold!' ... '...actually Moses we're not so sure about this...' Yep, God can provide gold out of thin air (I mean, He's been providing a steady bread service for a while now...). But He doesn't. He wants the people to be involved. God wants the people to give to this tent, even from their own limited belongings (they're living with only essentials in a desert, remember). Why? Might it just be good for the people to put their money where their faith is? To be personally committed to the 'God in the centre of our lives' project? Money has always been a touchy subject. But the model here seems to be: God gives the plan, then asks His people to fund it. God's people then make the plan happen, and have it as their own, not just a bolt-on. (Psssst - God had given them everything they had in the first place, of course, but that's not today's main point...). Wondering how to fund something? Start with asking God for His plan, then asking people to help you out. What Now? What money-issue are you going through? Have you got God's input on the plan yet?...
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