Mary's thoughts
Luke 2:19 NIV
The Christmas story is action-packed; it's a story of good and evil: there's an innocent young girl, her husband and baby, a bad king, angels and real drama - angels appear and kings walk in with oriental splendour. Actually, for most of us that sense of non-stop action fits with our experience of the Advent season. We are in perpetual motion. Yet here in the middle of this continuous, action-filled account - in the eye of the storm - there is silence. We read that Mary 'treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart'. To treasure things means to value them. Rather like those favourite photos we display so that we are always reminded of them. Mary did this with what happened; she thought about everything, not just once but repeatedly. The Greek word for pondered means 'tying or bringing everything together'. She tried to bring the threads together, to make sense of what was happening. She meditated on what had happened. Mary is not just the mother of Jesus, she is the model of faith. In recent decades we have lost the art of pondering. We have exchanged depth of knowledge for breadth of experience and it may not have been a good exchange. It is all too easy to let the Christmas season surge over us like some great wave of events and for us to emerge from the other end weary but unchanged. We need to be more like Mary and to think through all that it means. This year, make some time, make some space and make some quiet. And then, as far as you can, ponder the truth that, in this baby, God Himself was coming into the world to rescue and redeem you.
Job 5-7; Luke 1:11-18; Ps 105:37-45; Ecc 7:9-12
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