In His hands
Proverbs 16:3 NIV
When your own challenges feel massive, it can be tempting to run away and hide in a cave, ignore your phone, and quit social media... for a day... maybe. But don't be afraid; there's a way through that followers of God over the ages have tried and tested. When your approach to life is 'Jesus, I want to do this for You, and with You', then you're in seriously safe hands. Proverbs 16:3 tells us that when whatever we're doing is submitted to God for His direction, it'll be absolutely fine. His good, and His plan, will always come out on top. With God steering your actions, there's no way His best won't happen. Of course, you have a part to play. You still need to work at it. Miraculously, God's chosen to give us-mere-humans a part in how His plan works out. So stay focused, and know that He's promised to be there with you. Whether you have huge plans of your own, or absolutely no idea as to what you want from life, He's got a future planned out, and already made possible, for you. You put your graft in, alongside an open and willing heart, and He'll get you there. And when you do get to wherever He wants you, it's not just you who'll be filled with a sense of 'rightness', knowing that you're where you need to be; your Father God will be absolutely delighting in watching you grow into the potential that He built you with. What Now? Scribble out your schedule for this upcoming week. Pray about each thing on your calendar, committing it to God and asking Him to make it happen in line with His plan. See what happens.
Ezek 16; Gal 6
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