Theory or Truth (2)
John 2:19 NIV
Let's take a look at another theory from those who try to disprove Christ's resurrection: the Swoon Theory. In his book, The Passover Plot, Hugh J. Schonfield suggests that Jesus was just unconscious when he was taken down from the cross, and thought to be dead. Then in the coolness of the tomb He woke up, came out, and convinced His disciples that He'd actually risen from the dead. It raises some interesting questions: 1) The Swoon Theory is fairly recent - only around 200 years old. If people suspected this is what happened, why did nobody suggest this was the answer at the time of Jesus' resurrection? 2) What about the testimony of the centurion sent by Pilate? This man must have seen death regularly. His job as an executioner was to make sure that those who went through this punishment did in fact die. He must have been certain that Jesus was dead. 3) What about the grave clothes? It was a custom for Jews to wrap dead bodies in grave clothes, using a hundred pounds of spices between the folds, and sealing the garments tightly around the corpse like a mummy. The head was also wrapped. Jesus wouldn't have been able to breathe. 4) How could a man in such a weakened condition remove the great boulder that sealed His tomb, and overcome the Roman guards? When we look at these questions, it becomes more difficult to believe that the Swoon Theory is correct than to believe that Jesus' resurrection happened. We know that God's capable of doing miracles, and the resurrection is another example of His miraculous power and promises. So let's believe the truth of the resurrection.
Exo 12:1-14; Matt 27:57-66; Ps 49:1-15; Deut 21:22-23
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