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John 4:14 NIV
Jesus loved people. He associated with people that society overlooked. He spent time with those society rejected. One time He demonstrated this was when He spoke with the woman at the well. She was a Samaritan woman, who had been divorced five times. In society's eyes, Jesus shouldn't have associated with her. Even the disciples were confused by it. The Bible tells us that when they returned to the well they 'were surprised to find him talking with a woman' (John 4:27 NIV). Jesus went into her world to bring her into His. He mixed with her not to take advantage of her or become like her, but to reach, redeem, and restore her. That's why He's called 'a friend of tax collectors and sinners' (Matthew 11:19 NIV). Do we reach out to those society has excluded? Do we have a heart for the broken? Jesus also spoke to her in a way she would understand. She'd gone to the well to collect water, so Jesus used that topic to explain that He could provide 'living water'. When we're talking to others about Jesus, we need to use language that they'll understand. The 'Christian words' that we use in our churches might not make sense to people who have never heard about Jesus before. Loving others and sharing our faith with them come hand in hand. How can we say we love someone but never tell them about how Jesus can give them eternal life? People need Jesus, and we can be part of introducing them to Him. That can seem scary. We might worry that they'll reject us. But Jesus is with us, giving us the words to say, and the courage to step out to point people towards Him.
Rev 10-14; Mark 10:35-52; Ps 4; Pro 12:25
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