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A reflective novel of captivity and freedom, hurt and forgiveness, hate and love.
Like Adam in the Garden of Eden, Adam Howard hides from his past, but thoughts of his son Tristan, who stayed with his ex-wife, recurrently pull him back. Adam covers his vulnerability with lust and substance abuse and builds a wall to hide from God.

Tristan, who eventually runs away from home, stubbornly discards help to survive in the cruel world he creates for himself. Rejected and neglected, he conceitedly tries to be man-enough to cope alone but finds himself in situations of regret and insecurity, until care seeps through his walls and transforms his vulnerability into commitment, integrity and steadfast faith.

Will Tristan allow his dad back into his life? Will this generational curse of substance abuse ever be broken?

You know where I am tells the story of a lonesome young man, whose low self-esteem becomes a tool, condemning him to his only future… hell. Like Job, he desperately seeks answers.

Gavin Conradie, gave up his dreams years ago to follow Jesus Christ, his Saviour. He follows the urge in his heart to speak to those who are rejected by their families, the lost and the broken. The urge to restore and rebuild inspires him to develop and maintain a field where souls can seek and find their Master. Many Tristans have visited the Kids for Christ Field in Valhalla, Pretoria… but only God knows where they are.

The author, his wife, supports this ministry and encourages him to hold onto the promise that the zeal of God will accomplish this (Isaiah 9:7).

May others who desperately seek God’s will in their mission or ministry, be encouraged that God will finish what He started (1 Philippians1: 6). May the One who cares, Who knows where we are… be glorified through this work.

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